Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Examiner Articles: Biggest Loser Fix

Every Wednesday, I post an article on Examiner about the previous night's Biggest Loser. Critics of the show say that it's not realistic because contestants work out all day like a full-time job, among other reasons. While I agree that it's not realistic in that aspect, the stories and struggles of the contestants are compelling and relatable. (is that a word?) So rather than focus on the absurdity of a woman losing 16 pounds in a week, I try to focus on the lessons we can all learn from each show, regardless of our size.

Here's a link for Week 5 of Biggest Loser 8. Feel free to leave a comment on the Examiner page. I asked lots of questions at the end and love the hear your feedback. There are also links to videos, trainer tips, and profiles of various contestants each week.

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