Friday, February 20, 2009

Sweet Revenge

I have a notorious sweet tooth! One of the hardest challenges I face is convincing myself I don't really need that little sugar rush after every meal. I tried chewing gum: great, until the flavor wears off, and then I REALLY want something sweet. I've tried cutting out sugar all together. OK for some, but not realistic for me. Then one day I discovered something. If I have something sour at the end of my meal--the last taste in my mouth--I don't want anything sweet. So my secret weapon is a big jar of dill pickles that I keep in my fridge. They have to be kosher dill and they have to be cold. As a writer, I work at home and if I lose focus, I may wander through the kitchen, even though I'm not likely hungry. If I just feel like I have to eat something, I'll get myself a small plate, put a pickle or two on there, and maybe a handful of low fat whole grain Wheat Thins. Having it on a plate makes it look more substantial, and since we eat with our eyes first, this helps me feel satisfied. That sour taste just kills my sweet tooth and I can go back to my work without any more distractions. Pickles can be high in sodium, so don't eat more than a couple. And be sure to drink a little extra water. I figure it's worth it if it keeps me from downing half a bag of cookies in my quest to satisfy my sweet tooth!

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