Friday, May 04, 2007

How To Set A Goal

What’s a good weight loss goal? Experts say that even losing ten percent of your body weight will dramatically improve your health. So do the math. If that number is still overwhelming, break it down into increments, pound by pound if necessary, until you get there. Create a reward system for every milestone: 10 pounds equals a pedicure, a new book or CD, that shirt you've had your eye on. By focusing on the smaller goal, you're still working toward the larger goal, but without the all or nothing attitude, which often results in failure. Slow and steady wins the race.

A healthy loss is one to two pounds a week. But expect peaks and valleys. The trick to consistent weight loss is to change your routine about every four weeks. Your body naturally adjusts and finds more efficient ways to exercise. (even if you don’ feel it!) Increase the weight/reps in your strength training routine, add time or up the incline on your treadmill. Or throw in something new: a spontaneous jog around the block and run the hills. Soon you will enjoy your reward.

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